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We cherish our reputation for being a highly organized event producer that excels in being innovative

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Events are complicated, and involve many parties. We want to make sure that you have a simple interface.

Who are we

We specialize in turning your dreams, fantasies and desire into reality. Our aim is to translate every project

About Me

Hello, world!

I am Brijmohan Kumar Singh, 29 years young & passionate human being. I am an Entrepreneur ( An Investor, Corporate Trainer, Business Coach, Mentor & Motivational speaker ). I Am an ordinary person who holds the dream of being an influential member of the world. I started my career 12 years back, Since then I have never stopped working for my dreams. My first venture into entrepreneurship was during my school days. Each venture was a big learning curve for me and allowed me to level up my confidence, skill set, understanding, and technical knowledge.

I guess I started my entrepreneurial journey in the search for Freedom. Financial freedom, but also the freedom to create and build based on my ideas and decisions, not being told what to do. I’ve never really been great at being told what to do and always had a rebellious streak in me. (That wasn’t a negative attribute, it just made me want to zig when everyone zagged.)

I always believe in “Live a life, which inspires, helps, imbues and empowers. That’s the lifetime where life is worth all the time.”

That is the inspiration which defines my entrepreneurial goals as well. I don’t wish to be the owner of a Billion dollar company. That is not my desire. My ambition is to build a company, which helps pull thousands out of the misery, gives them plenty of reasons to smile and thus, runs the house of thousands of people.

I am here to guide, help & motivate people who are passionate about their dreams, who want to make an impact & crazy about being an
entrepreneur. Looking forward to interacting with you all through my website.